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Personal Training is great for those with busy schedules, enjoy a one-on-one environment, or want to perfect a skill. With private training you are able to schedule your own time with any of CrossFit Boston's professional trainers. Private training is also a great way to develop a personal relationship with a coach to achieve your goals together.

CrossFit Boston offers personal training both on and off site for athletes of all ages & skill levels. Contact us to be paired up with a coach that meets your needs, to come see the facility, or to learn more about our programs. Or contact one of our coaches directly to begin setting up your first session!



Reach out to us to talk with a coach about personal training and to learn more about the below offerings: 

  • Private Onsite training

  • Private At Home training

  • Private Kids training

  • Small Group Training


Gianni Nicolosi

Gianni is the Head Coach of CrossFit Boston and has been coaching CrossFit for over 10 years. He is a CrossFit Trainer (CF-L2) and has a Gymnastics certification (L2). He specializes in CrossFit/functional fitness, Gymnastics and Olympic Weightlifting. If you're looking to improve your capacity in multiple domains, have an intense and fun session, or work on dialing in your Olympic lifts, Gianni is the coach for you! 

All fitness and experience levels are welcome.


Miranda Keane

Miranda comes with 6+ years of Crossfit experience and a lifetime worth of fitness training. She is a CrossFit Trainer (CF-L2) at CrossFit Boston.

Prior to finding CrossFit, Miranda majored in Dance Performance and trained in Classical Ballet. She has an array of experience, from coaching new athletes who are just starting out in the gym, to competitive athletes looking to make it to the next level. Her favorite part of coaching is ensuring that everyone feels welcome and her athletes are enjoying their time in the gym!

All fitness and experience levels are welcome.

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