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Want to REALLY become a better coach? Join our Intern Program and learn from our best.


This is a 4-week immersive internship program for Certificate holders (CF-L1, CF-L2). The objective of the program is to provide aspiring coaches with the tools needed to properly continue their journey as a professional trainer. We will accomplish this by inspiring, training, and developing potential coaching candidates while instilling the core principles of CrossFit Boston.

The Intern program is a progressive learning experience. We are seeking individuals who are passionate and committed to the overall community with the potential of joining our team of CrossFit Boston coaches. Interested candidates must have their CF-L1 Certificate, and have completed our 1-week Step One Coaching Development Program.

The program involves class observation, feedback, assignments, and eventually, leading full classes. The program is application based, and all candidates must apply.

  • The internship is a progressive learning program for coaches who have completed our Step One Coaching Development Program

  • The program is volunteer based (there is no compensation for participation)

  • All candidates must have a current CF-L1 Certificate

  • The program may last up to four weeks based on the candidate’s progress and overall disposition

  • The program can be terminated or extended at any time by CFB

  • Weekly schedules depend on intern availability and CFB (consistent days and times are preferred)

  • CFB will provide guidelines on expectations and responsibilities (all of which must be met to begin/continue the program)

  • All candidates must apply


  • Candidates will communicate their availability at the outset of the program

  • Candidates are responsible for checking in with head coaches and completing all assignments throughout the program

  • Candidates must dress, act, and comport in a professional manner at all times

  • Candidates are expected to dedicate 2 hours each session

  • Arrive 10 minutes before class and check in with your coach

  • Observe or assist in hour-long class

  • Debrief with coach for 20 minutes after class tackling specific items and getting homework for next session

  • Assist at gym for 30 minutes on facility maintenance and community building (tasks assigned daily by coach)

  • All of these must be accomplished in order to participate and stay in the program


The goal of this program is to give candidates an opportunity to shadow, watch, learn develop, ask questions and eventually, coach. The more consistent the candidate, the more they will have the opportunity to learn and gain responsibility. Candidates will begin by observing classes and eliciting feedback from the coach. The coach may assign homework – this is optional, but encouraged for development and growth. Assignments and responsibilities will depend on the demeanor, consistency and dedication of the candidate. The program is progressive from week to week where each week builds on the prior. Below is a rough outline for the four-week program. The length of each phase and overall program structure will vary based on experience, commitment and overall development.

​​Phase 1: Methodology & Observation I
ONE Nation Standards – culture and community
Observation of classes – focus on feel and flow

Phase 2: Methodology & Observation II
ONE Nation Standards – class and coach protocols
Observation of classes – focus on teaching and demonstration

Phase 3: Class Structure & Group Management 
ONE Nation Standards – foundations of effective coaching
Observation of classes – focus on seeing and correcting

Phase 4: Programming & Timeline Analysis

ONE Nation Standards – presence, attitude and building better classes
Lesson Planning – focus on planning and execution
Creating effective Timelines, scenario analysis (scales, modifications, group management).

Phase 5: Leading a Warm-up & Secondary Class 
ONE Nation Standards – course recap and bringing it to life
Practical application – coaching a class


All candidates must apply through email. Candidates must submit the following:

  1. 100 word statement about interest and motivations for the program

  2. Resume including all relevant experience

  3. Personal reference from owner or coach of another gym or previous employer

All materials must be submitted to with the title “Intern Applicant / Name: (include your name)”

CrossFit Boston is an equal opportunity employer. Application does not guarantee consideration for an interview. In person interviews will be setup for candidates based on CFB's review of all materials.

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